What’s it like to live in Fiji? Fiji is an archipelago that lies in the Southwest Pacific between Hawaii and the east coast of Australia. Known for being sunny and laidback, Fiji comprises hundreds of islands and islets made up of mountainous peaks, tropical forests, and white-sand beaches. IAC Global has been established for over... View Article

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COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the global job market and economy, and the aviation sector has experienced a significant downturn. Many pilots, First Officers and Captains alike, have found themselves on indefinite leave or let go by struggling airlines. Unprecedented times require creative solutions, so to manage this difficult time in aviation, we’ve... View Article

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Gain the Best Flying Experience With Fiji Airways Fiji Airways is Fiji’s flag carrier, with routes from Fiji to 13 countries and 23 cities including Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and, farther afield, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore. Fiji is a beautiful, tropical holiday destination and Fiji Airways brings in 64% of the country’s... View Article

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