Living in New Zealand

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Living in New Zealand

Are you thinking of relocating to New Zealand?

New Zealand is known for its natural beauty and is made up of three main islands in the Pacific Ocean: North Island, South Island, and Stewart Island. New Zealand has international airports in its major cities of Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, and Dunedin, and is a country of choice for many Captains and First Officers seeking a career with Fiji Airways in particular. IAC Global have provided the highest number of expat crew to Fiji Airways, and this world-class airline offers the popular city of Auckland as a contract base. 

Are you thinking of relocating to New Zealand? Here we’ll consider some of the key features of the country, to help you decide whether NZ is the right choice for you.


English is the primary language spoken in New Zealand, so a basic command of the English language will smoothen the transition of settling into life in this country. The Kiwi accent is unique and easily distinguishable from many other accents of the world; you may find yourself ordering ‘fish and chips’ but the words coming out as ‘fush and chups’ in no time! 


New Zealand has a primarily Western culture, influenced by the outdoor adventure lifestyle and Polynesian culture. The world’s largest Polynesian festival, Pasifika, is held annually in Auckland. Rugby union is the backbone of New Zealand’s sporting culture and the national men’s team the All Blacks represents New Zealand internationally. 

The indigenous Māori people of New Zealand originated from eastern Polynesian settlers who came to New Zealand via canoe voyages in the 1200s and 1300s. Māori culture is known for its traditional arts, weaving and carving crafts, and famed ceremonial dance the haka. The spirit of welcome that Māori call Manaakitanga, which loosely means ‘hospitality’, can be found in both the towns and cities of New Zealand.


New Zealand consistently rates highly for liveability, often ranking well for things such as quality of life, lack of pollution, and healthcare. This country is best known for its natural beauty and relaxed outdoor lifestyle, and many expats choose New Zealand because it offers the chance to create a work-life balance against the backdrop of some of the most incredible natural landscapes the world has to offer. The country also experiences four distinct seasons, with the majority of the country being sunny yet mild and some areas seeing snow in winter. 


Auckland, situated in the North Island, is New Zealand’s largest and most densely populated city. The country as a whole is democratically run and is extremely safe. The cost of living is similar to some Western countries and slightly higher compared with some others. New Zealand offers such benefits as universal healthcare and world-class yet affordable education.


New Zealand is a small country made up of multiple ecosystems within hours of each other, so it’s an easy country to see by car, bus, train, or air travel. One downside is that New Zealand is a long way from many of the other major land masses of the world, so international travel is expensive and requires long flights to do. Fiji and Australia however are only short plane rides away, offering holiday destinations to meet all interests.