Living in Japan

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Living in Japan

Are you thinking of relocating to Japan?

Visitors to Japan know that it is both a beautiful holiday destination, and an exciting country for expat relocation. With its culture, accessibility, and high standards of living, Japan is a popular choice to live and work in for many pilots seeking their next flying opportunity.

IAC Global is partnered with a range of Japanese airlines, many of which offer operating bases in stunning Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Some of the renowned airlines we work with include Air Japan, AirDo, IBEX Airlines, Jetstar Japan, Peach Aviation, Skymark Airlines, and Spring Airlines Japan. Many pilots joining these world-class airlines choose to relocate to Japan, to fully immerse themselves in the industry in the sky, and the culture on the ground.

So what are some of the things to think about before deciding if relocation to Japan is the right choice for you?



English is likely to be the most common language of use in the sky among pilots. On the ground, knowing some basic Japanese greetings and phrases will take you a long way. In the major cities especially, many locals speak a second language, and are often very accommodating in using a second language. However, as in any country, not everyone will speak English, so knowing enough Japanese to have a basic conversation will ensure a smooth transition to living in Japan.



Japan has a long and fascinating cultural history, peppered with traditions of unique art, world-class cuisine, cutting-edge technology, and customs and events such as the famous cherry blossom festival.

Combining new and old, and drawing on influences from Asia, Europe, and North America, Japan’s culture is rich and varied. Whether you’re more interested in a traditional tea ceremony in a rural Japanese teahouse, or checking out world-class restaurants in the teeming city of Tokyo, Japan’s culture has something for everyone.


The cities of Japan are known for their cleanliness, safety and modernity, and travel between them is fast and easy. Japan’s public transport system includes buses, tubes, taxis, and trains, including the shinkansen (bullet train) for high-speed travel across the country. This system is inexpensive and well-serviced, with highly punctual and regular services connecting all parts of the country.

Travel can also be done using any of the numerous domestic carriers servicing Japan. These carriers offer competitive pricing and regular services, to get you where you need to go any day of the week.


Please note that IAC Global are not responsible for working visas, and right of abode is the responsibility of the individual.