Living in Australia

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Living in Australia

Are you considering a move to Australia?

As the 6th largest country in the world, Australia is a spacious country, with large expanses of sunny and beautiful landscape. But it is also known for its cosmopolitan cities that are hubs for both business and lifestyle.

Australia has major airports in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, Cairns, Canberra, Hobart, and Darwin. With hundreds of rural airports on top of this, Australia is a well-connected country, and is a popular choice for relocation for pilots seeking positions in the Asia-Pacific region. Australia is particularly attractive to Captains and First Officers seeking a career with Fiji Airways, a world-class airline that offers Australian contract bases of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, and to whom IAC Global have provided the highest number of expat crew. 

So if you’re thinking about relocating to Australia, what are some of the key things to consider?


Australia is a predominantly English-speaking country. Almost every culture in the world is represented in the major cities of Australia, so there will always be opportunities to meet others who speak your mother tongue. However, being able to carry a conversation in English will certainly make your adjustment to living in the land down under much easier. 

Australians also use a lot of slang. If someone asks if you want a cold one with your tucker, they’re offering you a beer with your dinner; and if they tell you they’re flat out, it just means they’re busy! Ask for explanations, and you’ll quickly become familiar with the commonly used words and phrases that make up an average Aussie conversation.


Australia is a global destination and offers a melting pot of different cultures. In every city you’ll find smaller communities of different international cultures, which in turn contribute to multicultural city living. The country, on the other hand, boasts diverse nature and wildlife, with a host of native animals and plants not seen anywhere else in the world. 

Australia also has a long and rich indigenous cultural history, and Aboriginal Australian ceremonies have been a part of Aboriginal culture since the beginning (which is known as the Dreamtime). Oral traditions and a connection to land are important backbones of Aboriginal culture. Australian Aboriginal art has also been around since the Dreamtime, and can be seen anywhere from ancient sacred rocks, to modern gallery walls.


While the cost of living is higher in Australia than many expats from Europe and Asia may be used to, the high rates of employment, public healthcare system, and quality of life make Australia an easy country to live in. For pilots relocating with family, Australia offers world-class education in schools and universities alike.  

Australia is a democratic country, and also consistently ranks as one of the safest countries in the world. Add less traffic, less pollution, and more space to that equation, and that’s an easy country to make your new home.


Australia is one of the top leisure destinations of the world, due to its offerings of city and country activities, all under a sunny sky with temperate weather for most of the year round. Whether you’re more interested in the busy café culture and arts scene of Melbourne, or 4WDing along a beach shared only with a few kangaroos, Australia can offer both the city bustle and the country quiet. 

Most Australians get around by car, so parking is a well-serviced amenity in a majority of areas. Public transport is best in the cities, with locals in rural areas tending to use personal vehicles as their main mode of transport. Anywhere you can’t get a taxi, bus, or a train, you can catch a plane.


Please note that IAC Global are not responsible for working visas, and right of abode is the responsibility of the individual.