Insurance Services

IAC has been sourcing appropriate insurance for Airline Flight Crew and aviation industry for over fifteen years.

Having identified the requirement to better align the needs of professional airline pilots with the knowledge and understanding of underwriters, IAC sources appropriate insurances which continue to be of great importance to today’s pilots.

Some of the insurances available through IAC:

  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Long Term Income Protection/Permanent Health Insurance
  • ‘Stop Gap’ Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Corporate Travel Insurance
  • Expat Medical Insurance
  • Corporate Liabilities
  • Aircraft Hulls and associated risks
  • Airport insurances
  • Infrastructure insurances

There are numerous types of alternative insurance that may be adopted as ‘stand alone’ policies or as integral components of a comprehensive portfolio of protection. With varying ‘conditions of employment’ and legislative provisions it is imperative to carefully select the most appropriate form of cover for the particular pilot group in question.


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