Aviation Technical Services

IAC provides a complete range of consulting services for the planning and development of air navigation, air traffic control, airports and air transportation systems. This includes national air transportation policies, airlines and airport commercial strategies, AOC acquisitions, regulatory audits and compliance, instrument procedures design, GNSS implementation, GPS approaches, air traffic analysis and forecasting, facilities planning and feasibility studies and training for specific projects.

IAC reviews and advises on operational and administrative matters, including airline Administration, Engineering and Operational manuals. IAC was responsible for the preparation and successful submission of the Impulse Airlines High Capacity Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) application, we were selected to audit, advise and assist in the preparation of Virgin Blue’s High Capacity AOC’s successful re-submission to CASA standards and most recently provided Australian Airlines with regulatory expertise for the preparation and subsequent successful issuance of their High Capacity AOC for the B767 international services.

IAC GPS Pty Ltd was the only non Government organisation in Australia to be awarded the delegation by CASA to Design and Produce GPS NPA’s for publication in the AIP.

A summary of some of the other technical services IAC provides:

Airline Planning and Development

  • Route and revenue analysis
  • Aircraft selection and acquisition
  • Regulatory approvals and AOC acquisitions
  • Aero political considerations
  • Alliance integration
  • Operational audits and approvals
  • Engineering audits and approvals
  • Airline operations management, crew planning and administration

Civil Aviation Systems Planning and Development

  • Air transport policies
  • Organisation and management studies
  • Air transportation system analyses
  • Intermodal planning
  • Impact of new technologies
  • Air navigation studies
  • Flight safety oversight audits


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