A320 Captains – Type Rated and Non Type Rated

Japan    A320 - Type Rated and Non Type Rated    59    Captain - A320 Type Rated or 1500 hours PIC Commercial Jet Time for Non Type Rated


Very Attractive Terms and Conditions with a progressive LCC (with ANA as largest shareholder).

  • Option of either short or long contract term
  • A320 Type rating cost provided for by airline for long term contracts or repaid monthly by flight crew for short term contracts
  • Extremely attractive terms and conditions, including excellent monthly remuneration and depending upon which option is selected there are provisions for Housing Allowance, Local Commuting Allowance, National Health Insurance, Loss of Licence Insurance, Travel Home Allowance, Initial Bonus, Annual Bonus, Completion Bonus, Moving Allowance, and Annual & Sick Leave.
  • Access to highly Discounted Group Insurance Schemes (Loss of Income, Loss of Licence, Expat Medical, Comprehensive Medical etc)


  • 4,000 hours total flight time
  • 1,500 hours PIC (P1) on commercial jet aircraft
  • ICAO ATPL with an A320 type rating (or other type rating as approved by Peach Aviation) or
  • JCAB ATPL with A320 type rating or (or other type rating as approved by Peach Aviation)
  • Under age 60 upon commencement

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