B777 Captains – temporarily on hold

India    B777 - Type Rated (TR)    62    Captain


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NB: This position is temporarily on hold

This position offers extremely attractive terms and conditions.

  • Very competitive term and conditions, including contract completion bonus
  • Monthly remuneration paid net of all Indian income taxes
  • Annual leave, sick leave provided and 2 scheduling options available
  • Insurances provided – TMU (temporarily medically unfit), Loss of Licence, Accident, Mediclaim Insurance (Indian medical insurance) provided.
  • Unparalleled service from IAC with an on call contract manager always available to be contacted during the process.

If you wish to know more about this position we are waiting to hear from you. Please register on IAC’s website or alternatively contact one of our friendly recruitment specialists



  • TRE – 6,000 Total Hours including Total PIC 3,000 hrs and 1,250 hrs on type as PIC with a minimum of 50 hrs instructional experience on type.TRI – 6,000 Total Hours including Total PIC 3,000 hrs and 1,000 hrs on type as PIC with a minimum of 50 hrs instructional experience on type.Line Captain – A total of 6,000 hrs with minimum 3,000 hours as Total PIC with 700 hours in command on type minimum.Recency on the A330 ideally within the last 12 months however candidates who have flown the aircraft within the last 24 months will be considered.

Operate to age 65, however ideally under 62 years of age at date of application in order to be able to see out a full 3 year contract

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