Why Choose the IAC Group?

Members of the IAC Group of Companies are owned and operated independently in Europe, New Zealand and the Pacific.

The IAC Group of Companies are world leaders in the Marketing of Expertise and the subsequent Leasing of highly qualified personnel and provision of specialist consultancy services.

Having developed from an aircrew leasing company, IAC maintains substantial interests in the international aviation industry. With our expansion has come diversification, and with our well-established global network of professional contacts has come a high profile and reputation for excellence.

Therefore, the IAC Group is ideally positioned to market suitable expertise and products on an international level. This is compounded by the strength of IAC’s core staff, which include operational support, legal, financial, administration and more, with each facet headed by a highly respected and successful individual.

The use of contract personnel and specialist services is now an established and proven method of securing highly professional individuals and specialist services in the most cost-effective manner. IAC consultants and contractors represent an immense breadth and depth of experience in many fields, including Government, Regulatory, NGO, Military and Commercial.

Specific talents can also be readily sourced from our extensive database.

The Benefits of IAC Global

By selecting IAC to provide specialised personnel, our valued clients are securing many additional benefits. These include, but are by no means limited to the following:

  • IAC has the enviable reputation for consistently providing personnel of the highest industry standards.
  • IAC personnel are carefully selected on their professional ability, their proven track record, and their ability to work within, and adapt to, a new culture.
  • IAC’s wealth of experience in a variety of fields has provided a network of industry contacts that allows for the most comprehensive applicant screening process available.
  • IAC’s Ops Centre, in Australia, provides a 24-hour ‘Watch’ on our worldwide operations. Senior Management Staff are always available to assist both clients and personnel.
  • IAC continually monitors all operations, and liaises directly with clients and personnel, with the emphasis on identifying and resolving issues before they become problems.
  • Depending upon the operation, IAC appoints Liaison Personnel to ensure an IAC Management presence at all times on all operations. These positions further ensure the smooth integration of IAC personnel with the client, and can greatly assist in preventing minor concerns becoming significant problems.
  • The breadth of the IAC Group of Companies allows IAC to draw on in-house expertise to assist our valued clients in ways that plain ‘recruitment companies’ are unable to. This assistance may be anything from scheduling to liaising with Government or International regulatory bodies.
  • All operations are controlled from the IAC Ops Centre in Australia. This location is within a minimal time difference to Asia, thus allowing for swift, seamless communications in real time and avoiding communication delays with offices in Europe or the United States.

IAC sets, and successfully maintains, the highest of standards in all areas of its operations. It is this uncompromising pursuit of excellence, attention to detail and innovation that sets IAC apart from other companies.


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